About us


We met over a decade ago at London College of Fashion, London studying footwear design. After which we went off on parallel individual journeys to explore the world of fashion, design, retail and consumption as insiders and outsiders to the system. This brought us both to the same place of wanting to feel more fulfilled through design,more conscious of what we were making and consuming and to further our understanding through awareness of materials and processes. We named this common journey re- over a year ago, as a reminder of always finding our way forward by going back to the start. We are revisiting simple ways of working in a circular and respectful manner with nature as our key inspiration.

re- is our constant exploration of clothing as a culture that is in harmony with the environment. The end product manifests in many forms but our inspiration is always birthed from innovations of recycling textile waste. Working between London and Mumbai, our work is truly collaborative, informed by our individual heritage and culture.

Our ecosystem is calling us to respond and consume in synchronicity with the earth. We understand the responsibility that it puts on us as creators and we let our design explorations be guided by that message. re- is our effort in producing cycles of trust through clothing. Our vision is to craft pieces that embody a sense of value, kindness and belonging which transpires through the very pores of the wearer and enriches their being. We are creating Soul Skin.

Katie Rose & Ateev