Sonam's wedding ghagra

Sonam's wedding ghagra

I felt beautiful. That’s all…
I felt confident… nothing was out of place and I went through the entire wedding having such fun with all my friends, family and loved ones." That's how Sonam Parvani describes her experience of crafting her clothes with us for her wedding. She was involved every step of the way, being an exceptional designer and garment construction expert herself.
She knew how she wanted to feel in her clothes and how she felt about the investment she made in craft and in herself for years to come. These are values that inspired us to launch our ceremonial line right after her wedding and we can't be more grateful that she chose to share them with us

Sonam is wearing a custom ghaghra from vintage silk ikat brocade sarees and a silk blouse embroidered with semi-precious stones she had been collecting for years.

In many ways, she made re-ceremonial happen. Sonam was the first bride to ask us to make her "shaadi ka joda". The studio had never made Indian bridal clothing before her wedding. To be able to align with the values of a conscious bride and make her vision for her special day come to life, gave us the confidence to launch the ceremonial line.
A dear dear friend of the brand, Sonam had shared her dreams for her wedding outfit many times with Ateev.

"I wanted to make something that I could wear for years to come… not something that I would wear just once. It had to be light yet precious"

For her intimate mehendi, Sonam wore a custom indigo Dabu printed ghaghra and choli in fine cotton and badla metal embroidery

"Cover me in molten gold
As I walk into a life unknown
Stars dance on my veil
Talking to the moons and the sun
All our stories I carry, slowly sewn
A precious adventure has just begun"

(A poem that describes everything that Sonam wished for on her special day.)

Wearing a custom gold ghaghra that we crafted from handwoven sarees by Sourav Das Label and a veil embroidered with a hundred stars, the moons and Sun.

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