re-cycling 1000 kilos of marigolds

re-cycling 1000 kilos of marigolds

Life surprises you sometimes. And only in hindsight it becomes clear how the dots all join and how the blessings were always meant to be, you just had to keep playing your part. Being part of this project has been so inspiring. It reminds me that things are truly circular and everything goes back to the source. From Soqo* finding us at Adiv Pure Nature to the show with Bureau Betak to Priti from Adiv Pure Nature and the team tirelessly working to recycle all the flowers from the show (there were so many flowers, we needed to dry them on my terrace to save them in time). And finally meeting all the girls from Sakhi foundation to share the wonderful gifts that came from these flowers. It's been a full circle since March.


Grateful for the opportunity to work on this monumental show. Thank you Bureau Betak and Soqo* for including us in your tireless initiative to give back and act with awareness and sensitivity. We helped recycle over 1000 kilograms of local marigold flowers used for the decor of the show into natural dyed, eco-printed textiles. These were crafted into beautiful accessories to be used by school-going girls supported by the Sakhi for Girls Education Foundation.


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