Misbah's wedding dress

Misbah's wedding dress

The Making of Misbah’s dress in her own words:

“When I decided to get married to my husband Vipin I knew that every part of the celebration had to be done with meaning and intention and of course “the dress “ was a big part of that.
For some years now I have loved and adored my nani’s wedding sari, which I would often borrow from mum, this beautiful creamy white Chantilly lace piece. We lost my nani when I was very young and I recollect very little of her. This sari was my memory of her and I wanted it to be part of the wedding in some way (something old and borrowed.)”


“After knowing Ateev for some time now and seeing his work, how he thinks about sustainable fashion, the beautiful fabrics that he uses and just the values with which he designs his clothes; I knew that re-ceremonial could build on my vision and I am glad that he excitedly accepted.
Like every bride, I had too many ideas and Ateev patiently filtered out the best ones.
Of course, it had to make me feel beautiful and sexy but I also wanted to dance, do capoeira and feel free and unrestrained in it. It needed to be simple much like the colour white, in a clean silhouette, unembellished but for only the little details from the sari & Ateev choose this beautiful natural silk which he promised to re-dye so that I could re-wear the dress for other occasions and it didn’t have to sit around in my closet.
He carefully dissected out motifs from the sari that he turned into this ethereal sheer overlay also making sure the sari could be still worn. Now I had two outfits from this one dress, one for the wedding ceremony and one for the celebration after. Everything was done so meticulously to make sure every stitch was aligned.
He even went as far as to hand-embroidered my two cats and a little love note onto my veil. Truly a work crafted with thought and love.
I will always hold onto this dress the way I did with my nani’s sari and hopefully, it will morph and change into much more than a wedding dress.”


Here’s the message Misbah sent right after her wedding day:

“My heart is so full of happiness and gratitude.
I couldn’t have asked for a more magical day ( two days ). I feel so blessed to be surrounded by friends who I can call my family. And I always imagined that when I got married it would be my family coming together to make it happen. Thank you Ateev for your vision, for your delicate crafting and detailing. Every part of the dress has a memory which I will cherish for years to come and pass it down as my Nani did to me.
I looked at the sketch you first made and I looked at the pictures from yesterday and I couldn’t tell the difference. To be able to do that requires pure mastery.”

This is the reason we do, what we do.
Thank you Misbah for trusting us with your dreams.

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