fin bracelets

fin bracelets

Just after lockdown re- took on a special design collaboration with ‘ fin’, which ran alongside our bracelet project which was already underway. We made them some limited edition bracelets as rewards for sponsors of their crowdfunder project to raise money to build their online digital doula resource


fins vision is to modernise the way we deal with end of life planning and the relationship with our own mortality. fin offers guidance for individuals within a central source of information for advance planning. Their refreshing, empowering resource makes the process of end of life planning simple, giving you more time and head space to focus on living.



fin believe that the key to empowering people in this area is to educate, debunk and make normal conversations around end of life so that a positive ripple effect can happen in our communities. They offer educational content which is modern and engaging, workshops to equip others with the skills to feel more confident in talking about end of life planning inspiring them to have important conversations with friends and family.


At re- we are very aware of the delicate nature between life and death, seasons, transition and balance. We see the beauty in working with the end in mind and consider the life of the planet and its diverse network of life in everything that we make. If we are not careful in 100 years time our planet may be uninhabitable. Looking the truth of these facts in the face, wearing them on our bodies and wrists gives us reminders to keep working towards a better place for our future ancestors to live.


In facing death we face life. Please check out what fin is doing over at Instagram email

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