Are we sustainable? 

Are we sustainable? 

Are we sustainable? 
A loaded question that we ask ourselves nearly everyday to decode this overused term that helps consumers identify the kind of work we do. At re- we are continuously pushing the boundaries of what it means to be sustainable. We craft slowly, mindfully and in a manner that is respectful to our planet. Through constant exploration of techniques and a keen awareness of our supply chain, we have honed our manufacturing abilities over the last few years in a manner that can be called sustainable. 

To be truly sustainable however, we are yet to establish marketing that is sustainable. We currently offer our designs on webshops on a made to order basis. While the cost of making is high when crafting one piece at a time, we are ensured that no wasteful production takes place. But we can never be certain of orders. We also offer pieces in batches when we sell at pop-up shops or with brick and mortar retailers. While the cost of manufacture is reduced in producing numbers, the risk here is left over stock. 

This poses an interesting question - Is community the key to being sustainable? 

What if we were able to make together but also sell together?

We are after all building a community of like minded individuals that value the same things. Is it possible to get a community to choose together so that everyone benefits? 

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