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Modern Kaftan in Salt

Modern Kaftan in Salt

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Our modern take on the kaftan is an empowering piece which we offer in many colour variations for you to choose from. It really does not require much effort from the wearer, it takes you from sunrise to sunset with ease and can create a feeling of strength and sovereignty when worn.
Inspired by the phiran and traditional Northern Indian dress, the piece can be worn as is as an overlayer to bring warmth or protection from the sun to the wearer. Wear this kaftan as a gown to relax in, to dance in or to connect to your higher self in. 


Colour: Salt (undyed)

Details - Handwoven cotton containing 30% recycled cotton and indigenous organic 'kala' cotton. The centre front and back seams are completely handsewn and the entire piece is hand hemmed. The centre back seam has an elegant slit on the upper back. There are pockets along both sides and side slits and front slit for freedom of movement.

Fit -  One size fits all (XS- XL)

Dimensions :

Width - 54 inches around the chest and hips

Length -  48 inches 

Pre Order:

The Knit Kaftan is pre-order only as we make limited drops of pieces. The lead time to ship out an order is two weeks from date of purchase.

Size Guide

Care Instruction

We advise a gentle handwash, in cold water with mild detergents to maintain thecolours for longer.Please air dryin the shade. Natural dyes age over time and grow lighter with every wash.Please do not dry clean.

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