Luna Blanket in Saffron Sunrise

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85cms x 192cms

This knitted blanket made of 30% recycled cotton and 70% bamboo yarn

Each piece is individually dip dyed by hand with madder roots and marigold petals from temple flowers.

Bamboo is a responsible viscose that we use with recycled cotton fibres to make yarns that are soft yet strong and have antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Our Luna blanket has a beautiful weight to it and is gossamer soft to touch. It can be worn as a scarf, draped over shoulders to provide an extra layer of warmth or to keep the sun away from skin. You can swaddle your baby in it. Your pet will probably steal it. You can wrap your lover in it, or sit on it while you gaze at the moon.

It rolls up to take up hardly any space in a travel bag and can be opened out to provide a home away from home feeling in any moment.